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The Flame bracelet

The Flame bracelet

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Dragon Spirit

Rediscover the dragon with orange eyes in the form of a bracelet. The spirit of the dragon's flames is still embodied by its stone Fire agate. The dragon brings us his strength and his powers.

Bracelet in 14 carat Gold Filled. Fire Agate Bead. Dragon in 18 carat Gold Filled. Maximum size 18 cm.

Fire agate, vibrations

  • Brings strength throughout the body
  • An important stone, it stimulates the center of our energies, mixes their forces and rebroadcasts them throughout the body.
  • Restores heat to the body
  • Stimulates sexual energy
  • Restarts circulation and distribution of energy in the body
  • Useful in cases of fatigue and low morale, it revives the desire to live
  • Protects from negative energies

Bracelet of vitality and strength.

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