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The Fire Dragon

The Fire Dragon

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The Spirit of the Talisman

Its long row of red garnet brings vitality and strength; the dragon symbol is associated with our powers, it energizes the mind and activates the psyche. Together he composes a magical fire talisman.

Talisman made with a 14 carat Gold Filled chain and red Garnet gems. Gold-plated dragon. Size: 40 cm.

The energy of Red Garnet:

  • Connects us to the force of earth's magma
  • Tonifies sexual energy
  • Useful for blood circulation, cold feet and the immune system
  • Brings energy, warmth, strength (not recommended for people with weak hearts, high blood pressure, or very angry people)
  • On a psychological level, it gives us the strength to move forward, to surpass ourselves
  • Stone of passion, it helps a couple to love each other
  • Gives us the strength to overcome our fears
  • Useful to find the strength to overcome depression

Talisman of physical and psychic vitality

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