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Dragon Strength

Dragon Strength

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The Spirit of the Talisman

The strength of the dragon is associated with this jewel, made with black onyx and red garnet stones. It carries within itself the power of the sacred and the majestic.

Composed of black onyx in square and red garnet in small cylinder and jewels falling on clasp. Two round black onyx beads with engraved Dragon symbol. Figaro chain in 14 carat Gold Filled.

Dimensions 66cm + extension 6.5cm.

Black onyx

  • Brings strength and support
  • Promotes positive thoughts and confidence
  • Barrier against the evil eye
  • Purifies and harmonizes body and mind
  • Brings concentration and awareness of the present moment
  • Dispel stress
  • Provides solidity and anchoring
  • Strengthens immunity, removes toxins and waste from the body

Red garnet

  • Connects us to the force of earth's magma
  • Tonifies sexual energy
  • Useful for blood circulation, cold feet and the immune system
  • Brings energy, warmth, strength (not recommended for people with weak hearts, high blood pressure, or very angry people)
  • On a psychological level, it gives us the strength to move forward, to surpass ourselves
  • Stone of passion, it helps a couple to love each other
  • Gives us the strength to overcome our fears
  • Useful to find the strength to overcome depression

Talisman of strength, protection and nobility

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