Black tourmaline

Pierre Tourmaline Noire
Very powerful protective stone 


  • Reduces hyper reactivity 
  • Brings vitality and adaptability 
  • Encourages openness to the world by revealing our inner universe 
  • We encourage to evolve through relational contact 
  • Preserve our quality of anchoring and presence in all places
  • Preserves us from our isolation and confinement mechanisms 

Energy benefits: What is that ?

  • Stores and neutralizes negative energies by directing them towards the earth 
  • Anchor stone, reconnects to the earth
  • Absorbs electrostatic energy, protects from electrical devices
  • Balance and harmonize our aura & places of life
  • Increases the vibration rate 

Where to wear it? 

In different form of jewelry


Linked to the root chakra

Membership group : 


Chemical composition : 

Complex silicate of magnesium, alkali and aluminum borosilicates with iron

Hardness scale: 

Between 7 and 7.5 (MOHS scale

Associated jewel: 

Collier Tourmaline Noire