Rock crystal

Cristal de Roche

Chakra: Crown, Stone of light and purity 

Vitalise, energy transmitter 
Purifies and harmonizes 

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    Pierre Améthyste

    Chakra: Crown, Stone of wisdom and strength

    Soothing, brings understanding & intuition 
    Free from addictions and emotional memories
    Turn negative into positive, purify the mind 

      Lapis lazuliPierre lapis lazuli

      Chakra: 3rd eye frontal, Sacred Strength Stone 

      Free from suffering & sadness 
      Promotes communication 
      Stone of verticality, brings truth, loyalty and assurance  

        Blue chalcedony

        Pierre Calcédoine Bleue

        Chakras: Throat & Frontal, Speakers stone

        Significantly develops communication 
        Pacifies anger
        Heals the dark energy of our emotions

          Rose quartzPierre Quartz Rose

          Chakra: Heart,Stone of appeasement & Love

          Soothes emotional pain, reduces stress
          Restore and / or maintain the feeling of Love
          Help forgive

          Pierre Citrine

          Chakras: Solar & Sacred Plexus,Stone of warmth, physical & mental vitality.

          Reveal our inner light, regulate the ego 
          Calms fears
          Brings spontaneity and joy 

          Eye of tiger Pierre Œil de tigre

          Chakra: Solar Plexus, Physical and psychological protection stone 

          True barrier to negative waves
          Emotional regulator, balances the affective aspect 
          Bring perseverance 

          CarnelianPierre Cornaline

          Chakra: Sacred, Protection and healing stone 

          Provides Vitality and Energy 
          Dissolves lack of self-confidence 
          Soothes fears & anxieties

          Red jasper Pierre Jaspe rouge

          Chakra: Root, Earth energy & vitality 

          Daily tasks, organizational fluency
          Heals uprooting wounds 

          Black tourmaline Pierre Tourmaline Noire

          Chakra: Root, Protection & opening stone 

          Captures and re-diffuses negative energies in the earth
          Brings us vital force & adaptability
          Connects us to the earth, develops our presence