Eye of tiger

Pierre Œil de tigre
Physical and psychological protection stone


  • Promotes persistence, contributes to drawing on one's own resources
  • Refocuses energy & structures thoughts 
  • Brings logic and consistency 
  • Dissolve discomfort, alleviate depression 
  • Promotes the creativity of being
  • Promotes the repair of fractures
Energy benefits: What is that ?
  • Returns negative energy to the transmitter, acts as a negative wave barrier
  • Protects against any evil claim (black magic, spells ...)
  • Open the conscious to look at her own faults
  • Roots & installs change in subtle bodies 
  • Balances the emotional body by harmonizing Yin and Yang 


Linked to the solar plexus. 

Where to wear it: 

On the solar plexus for spiritual anchoring. 

Membership group : 


Chemical composition : 

Silicon dioxide, SIO2

Hardness scale: 

7 (MOHS scale

Associated jewel: 

Bracelet Œil de tigre