Red jasper

Pierre de Jaspe Rouge
Earth energy & vitality 


  • Develop self-esteem & inner self 
  • Help find our place 
  • Promotes communication & creativity 
  • Meditation help 
  • Revitalizes the physical body, helps with dynamism 
  • Balances body temperature  
  • Help with daily tasks 
  • Stimulates initiative and helps structure our lives 

Energy benefits: What is that ?

  • Helps reconnect with the energy of the earth 
  • Connects us to our original energies 
  • Strengthen our roots & anchor us with the earth 
  • Allows us to connect with material energy, strengthens our link with matter 


Linked to the Root chakra

Membership group : 

Microcrystalline quartz 

Chemical composition : 

Silicon dioxide SiO2

Hardness scale: 

Between 6.5 and 7 (hardness scale

Associated jewel: 

Collier en Jaspe rouge