Blue Chalcedony

Calcédoine bleue
Serenity Stone


  • Brings softness and calm on the mental level
  • Alleviates sadness & sorrow
  • Reduces irritability & excess aggressiveness
  • Strengthens diplomacy & improves quality of expression
  • Promotes artistic expression of creativity

Energy virtues (What is that ?) :

  • Allows access to the highest spheres without worry 
  • Promotes the expression of "self" 

On the physical level: 

  • Calms pains in the larynx 
  • Significantly reduces stuttering 
  • Relax vocal cords by relieving throat tension
  • Promotes healing and calcification of nails
  • Beneficial for blood circulation
  • Calms eye irritation 
  • Stimulates lactation for pregnant women


Linked to the frontal chakra and the throat chakra

Where to wear it?

Comes in direct contact with the skin, ideally on the path of a vein.

Membership group :

Microcrystalline quartz 

Chemical composition : 

Silicon dioxide, SiO2

Hardness scale:

5.6 and 7 (MOHS scale

Associated Jewel: 

Bracelet Calcédoine Bleue