Stone of wisdom & strength. 


  • Stimulates creativity, imagination & clarity of mind 
  • Contributes to peace and relaxation
  • Soothes fear, anxiety & anxiety 
  • Soothes sadness
  • Promotes meditation 
  • Concentration aid 
  • Spiritual elevation 

 Energy virtues: (What is that ?) 

  • Purifies the body & the aura
  • Purifies places and objects, increases the energy rate of a room
  • Cleans, purifies and recharges other stones


Linked to the crown chakra 

Membership group :

Purple Quartz

Chemical composition :

Silicon dioxide, SiO2

Hardness scale: 

7 (MOHS scale)

See the associated jewelry:

Collier améthyste  Collier Merkaba d'améthyste