What is energetics?


By putting a foot in the energetics, we are faced with a myriad of possibilities, still largely unknown to the general public.

This seems strange given the ancestral origins of this knowledge: more than 5,000 BC. J.C, India, China, and many other countries in the world, already treated the different bodies with among others the chakras for some and the meridians for others.

Personally, I didn't expect it to be so comprehensive, so complex, and so far removed from what we have been learning since childhood.

Everything is energy, matter, consciousness: The cosmos, the great elements, Men, animals, plants, stones ... We can say that Nature is governed by energy.

Everyone's sensibilities differ on this, but we are all able to feel the energies and connections that surround us.

The subtle bodies: 

Man is made up of several bodies.

Credit: Barbara Ann Brennan, Healing by the Light

The physical body, which everyone knows, is the receptacle of the etheric body. It is important to note that the physical body is conditioned, and that it does not condition.

Beyond this, 7 subtle bodies exist.

The vital body, electromagnetic, made up of atoms of protons, neutrons and electrons envelops the physical body, gives it life, invigorates it, and protects it. It is the etheric body, said to be energetic. This subtle body can even be seen with the naked eye by ordinary people, with a little bit of concentration. The latter is the receptor of the emotional body. This body also envelops plants, stones, rock and animals.

The emotional body, enveloping the etheric body, contains a multitude of clouds of colors linked to the different emotions feelings felt by the subject. It also surrounds animals, which distinguishes them from plants. This is conditioned by the mental body, by thought.

The mental body, is the thought-emitting body. Energy follows thought. You have to understand that by having a clear and luminous mental field, the molecules will coexist much better within the emotional body, and by the effect of Russian dolls, the energetic body will be healthier, less charged and fluid, therefore the physical body will be in much better health.

Indeed, the ruminated, denied emotions stored in the emotional body crystallize at the level of the biological body. These blockages create diseases.

After Barbara Ann Brennan, who wroteThe Beneficial Power of the hands and Heal by the Light, the fourth layer of the auric field encompasses all of our relationships and interactions with living things and the cosmos. We are talking about causal body. It is a bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds. It is conditioned by the fact of giving and receiving the necessary Love.

The next three layers are the templates of the three lower layers and represent the physical, emotional and mental experience we have in our spiritual world.

The fifth layer, buddhist body, would be the seat of the divine will, of personal truth. Paulo Caelho in The Alchemist talks about finding your personal legend, your life mission.

The sixth layer, the atmic body, is linked to divine ecstasy and Unconditional Love.

The seventh layer is the shell of the different bodies, the connection with the divine spirit, which allows us to understand the universal plane.

The set of these bodies is called theWill have. It is the aura that constitutes your personality and makes you this luminous Being. This egg which constitutes us must be balanced and stable so that we are in good shape.

Once we have this understanding, we can heal the human being as a whole, psychically, emotionally, and therefore physically.
Western medicine aims to treat the organ or part of the sick body, which works in the short or medium term.
Holistic Therapy is the treatment of the All, Using various tools, to treat the cause of the problem, prevent illness, and avoid recurrence if it heals.  

Effects of stones on the human aura:


The etheric body of the stone is charged with vibration and innate qualities, like us at birth. 

Except that the stone, it, not undergoing the mental and emotional tests to which we are subjected, retains its vibration.
This is how they will be able to recharge us, rebalance us.

The purpose of the stones is to bring harmony, love and self-healing to the body of the Being treated via the various energy vortices that are the chakras. The chakras indeed penetrate all bodies.

By their vibration, their colors (which come from the light, the wave they reflect), the stones have unique healing powers, and can unlock energy channels, allowing them to circulate as they should by relaxing and dissolving stagnant energies in the body in order to bring it back to a normal state. Each stone has virtues for a chakra or several chakras in particular by its consistency. The chakrasare the subject of a full article. 

Vibration rates: 

Each element and every living being has its own vibration. In the Universe, everything is vibration.

The law of resonance is a physical law. It highlights the fact that when an element having a vibration vibrates, by resonance, all the elements in the vicinity having the same frequency, the same wavelength, will also vibrate.

The two frequencies enter into relation, in movement, in resonance with the vibration of one of them.

Indeed the vibration and the frequency changes create and undo forms within the cells of the elements.


To sum up, we must integrate that everything is energy. It is important to be concerned with your mental state so that it is clear, to learn to control your emotions while living them (with meditation which I highly recommend). Regular energy cleanings and harmonizations keep you fit and healthy.



Rebecca Ghelfenstein - Director of digital projects

Energy practitioner in the making


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